He opened the volume with deliberate hesitation. The book had not been touched since the ’60s, and he knew its contents could change everything. Fixated on the marbled endpapers, he took a deep breath and turned the page.

Marbleized Knots

Marbleized Knots Marbleized Knots Marbleized Knots Marbleized Knots
Marbleized Knots Marbleized Knots Marbleized Knots Marbleized Knots


Style:Hand-knotted Tibetan
Quality:100 knots per square inch; cut pile
Materials:Himalayan wool and Chinese silk

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Our Rugs

Our luxurious Tibetan rugs are made of the highest-quality hand-spun Himalayan wool, and are hand-knotted to last for generations. Silk, allo, linen, bamboo and other natural fibers may be incorporated in the designs, for textural contrast.

Our area rugs help absorb and reduce noise and echo, especially in a large space. They also create warmth and softness underfoot.

Because all of our rugs are made-to-order, we can customize the size and colors to fit the needs of the space. Proper rugs can enhance any interior environment, from residential to commercial to hospitality.

All Proper rugs are certified by GoodWeave, an organization that is working to end child labor in the rug industry—so there’s peace-of-mind knowing that your rug was made by a skilled adult artisan.


Unlike synthetic fibers, Himalayan wool won’t dry out and crumble—the fibers are much stronger. Also, Himalayan wool has longer fibers than other types of wool, which means that over time, you will see less pilling with the rug.

Lanolin-rich Himalayan wool allows dyes to permeate deeply into the fibers, and creates a natural lustre. Sumptuous Chinese silk adds softness and sheen.

Because a hand-knotted rug is made of knots, and not held together with glue, the overall structure of the rug is stronger, and the rug’s pile will wear more evenly than with a hand-tufted rug.